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4 Tips For Garage Door Safety Month

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You may not think of an automatic overhead garage door as something that could be hazardous, but anything mechanical has the potential to be dangerous under the right circumstances. You should be especially careful of any mechanical elements in your home — especially those that are on the exterior of your house and have the potential to affect more than just your family. Garage door safety is incredibly important, which is why we here are Custom Overhead Doors work diligently […]

Operate Your Garage From Anywhere

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Mobile apps are geared at making your life easier and more efficient. They’re not just useful for shopping or work either, but in most areas of your life. New smarthome apps allow you to monitor and control various electronics no matter whether you’re in the boardroom or your own bathroom, and it’s no surprise that one of the latest go-to mobile products is a cell phone garage door opener. Think of the convenience — and the added security — you […]

Garage Door Prep for Summer

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A garage door is one of the most used features in your home. In fact, most homeowners use the garage door as their front door — it’s the place where they leave and enter the home. This heavy use and importance are the reasons why you should provide regular maintenance services for your garage door. These services don’t have to be expensive, and they don’t have to take a significant amount of time, but they should be seasonally appropriate. With […]

2016 Changes for UL 325

On January 12, 2016, new UL 325 standards went into effect. The UL 325 standards are guidance for the proper installation and maintenance of door, gate, window, drapery and louver systems and operators. While much remains the same as in the past, there are important changes that installers of gate operator entrapment protection systems must know and understand to ensure compliance. Here’s a look at what has changed this year: Minimum Two Entrapment-Protection Devices Operators must have at least two […]

Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Old Garage Door

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Choosing home improvement projects is a challenge. There’s always something that can be done, and all homeowners search for projects that will provide a significant return on investment. Good news: A replacement garage door is proven to provide a return on investment greater than many other home improvement efforts. But when you should you make the leap? Here are a few ways to know when to replace your garage door: Slowness Does your garage door respond slowly when you try […]

The History of Garage Doors

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A garage is so much more than just a place to park a car. And the history of garage doors includes a long line of innovations and adaptations that have given today’s home and business owners a lot of options when choosing the perfect garage door. Let’s take a look at the many twists and turns in the history of garage doors: The Earliest Garages The history of garage doors dates back thousands of years, to 3500 BC or perhaps […]

Do Yourself and Your Car a Favor: Park Inside the Garage

A car is most likely the second largest investment you’ll ever make, just behind purchasing a home. That’s why it’s important to get your oil changed regularly, to wash your car’s exterior and clean its interior regularly. That’s also why it’s so important to use a garage to protect your vehicle. Many homeowners use their garages to store holiday decorations, boxes of old keepsakes, golf clubs, second refrigerators and more. Here are the main benefits of parking your vehicles inside […]

What’s the Purpose of a Garage? The Possibilities Are Endless

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When you’re choosing a garage door, you may focus on brand names you know and products that offer the performance and amenities you desire. That’s because a high-functioning garage is a crucial part of any household. But a garage sometimes takes on a meaning beyond just the home. Consider what took place inside the garages at these famous addresses: 4651 Kingswell Avenue, Los Angeles, CA — Brothers Walt and Roy Disney left Missouri and headed west in 1923. They landed […]

What’s the Purpose of Garage Door Lubricant?

Does your garage door make a frightening noise when opening and closing? While many homeowners think this noise is just part of the garage’s aging process, it’s actually a sign that your door needs lubrication. Lubrication is a value solution. Rather than spending big on repairs or replacement, you can simply purchase lubrication at your local hardware store and apply it on your own. You also don’t have to wait for noise to lubricate your garage door. Whether or not […]

Improve Your Home’s Look and Value

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Residential Garage Doors Can Improve Your Home’s Look and Value Do you ever walk out the front door and find that you aren’t impressed by how your home looks from the street? Are the entrances to your home uninspiring instead of inviting? Getting the curb appeal you want can often seem like a big chore, but there are some simple options that can add the flair that’s missing. One of the easiest ways to give your home a quick facelift […]

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