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With a full line of professionally installed access control products, Custom Door and Gate will help you come and go more smoothly – more confidently – from home to office and beyond. Wherever you go and whatever garage door, gate, or access point you encounter during your day, we’ll help you – both coming and going.

Making access to your home or business safe, convenient, and easy is what LiftMaster® professionally installed products do best – and LiftMaster has been doing it for more than 100 years. We are committed to quality, performance, and reliability that continually exceeds our customers’ expectations.

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As the industry leader in product innovation, LiftMaster’s designs and solutions use the latest technology to keep you, your family, and your property safe and secure.

Buying a garage door opener is not as simple as it sounds. With many different openers to choose from, the best choice for your home may not be so obvious.

Tips for Buyin a Garage Door Opener

The best way to learn how to buy a garage door opener is to first know all available options. You can choose from the following:

  • Chain Drive: This is the most classic version. It’s dependable and packs a solid value. Although it’s known to be on the noisy side, it’s less expensive than a belt drive. We recommend a chain drive door opener for detached garage doors because the noise will not bother anyone in a room beside or above the garage.
  • Belt Drive: Belt drives are a quieter choice. They’re ideal if a bedroom is above your garage. They open with a rubber belt and are very low maintenance. Belt drives also come with longer warranties.
  • Wall Buttons: Wall buttons are perfect for those who prefer outdoor keypads. It also locks all outside radio signals when programmed. Another feature of wall buttons is that they are available with a timer and motion sensor. This way you can set your garage door to open and close automatically.
  • LED Lighting: Garage door openers with LED lighting can provide a daylight-like feel to your entire garage.


We offer a full range of products that can help you monitor and control your garage door or gate – even if you don’t have a LiftMaster. By connecting with your smartphone, tablet or computer, staying connected and in control has never been easier.

Battery Backup

Get into your garage even when the power is out with battery backup. Paired with our ultra-efficient power management system, our garage door openers and operators have the longest standby time available on the market.

Safety and Security

When it comes to the safety and security of your home or business, only the best will do. When it comes to the best brands, we recommend LiftMaster because of the brand’s quality and variety of options. To us, that means getting the right equipment and having it properly installed, giving you the peace of mind that it will work how it should when you need it to.

If you’ve never thought about electric garage door openers before, here are a few important points to consider.

Photo Eye

One of the most important features you get with electric garage door openers that you don’t get with a manual opener is the photo eye. The photo eye is a pair of sensors on either side of the garage door that is connected with a light beam. If that beam is interrupted, the door will not close. This protects you from having the garage door slam down on something in its way, like your car, or even worse, you or a member of your family. The value of this safety feature alone is worth installing an electric garage door opener system.

Keypad Entry

The ease of remote and keypad entry is another big advantage of electric garage door opener systems. No need to get out of your car, fumble with a key and strain to lift the door all the way up. With an electric system, just press the button on the remote or type in the keycode and you’re done. No keys to lose or share.

Liftmaster remote

If you have a manually locking garage door that is compromised by a break-in, you need to call a locksmith to install a whole new lock. If your keycode is compromised, you can just set a new one.

Some systems even allow you to set a temporary keycode so guests can get in once without having unlimited access to your home.

Illuminated Garage

An electronic garage door opener system also will often have a light that automatically goes on when you activate it to open the door. This makes it easier to get into your home at night and may deter potential burglars.

Electric Garage Door Opener Installation

For safety, convenience, and efficiency, nothing beats an electric garage door opener. If you’re in the Greensboro, Greenville, Fayetteville or Raleigh, N.C., area, you’ll want to know about Custom Door & Gate, which sells and installs top-of-the-line electric garage door openers quickly and easily. You can enjoy the benefits of your new electric garage door opener system right away.

We’ve got years of experience installing high-quality gates, garage doors and new garage door openers throughout the Raleigh area, and are ready to outfit you with a brand new, modern electric garage door opener.
Get in touch with us when you’re ready to replace your current garage door opener.

LiftMaster Garage Door Openers elite logo LiftMaster Garage Door Openers elite logo
DC Battery Backup Belt Drive
This opener features a Battery Backup System that guarantees continuous operation even in the event of a power outage. It also features a soft start and slow stop to reduce noise during operation, making it perfect for installation in homes with a room above the garage.
LiftMaster Garage Door Openers elite motor LiftMaster Garage Door Openers elite logo

3/4 HP AC Belt Drive Garage Door Opener
This powerful model can easily lift heavy garage doors while steel reinforced belts allow quiet and smooth performance. This model also features LiftMaster’s MyQ® technology, enabling you to control your garage door or house lights from a smartphone, tablet or computer.
LiftMaster Garage Door Openers elite motor 2 LiftMaster Garage Door Openers elite logo

3/4 HP AC Chain Drive Garage Door Opener
If you’ve got a heavy garage door then this is the opener you need, strong enough for even carriage house and solid wood doors. It is chain driven with an I-beam rail and chassis support bracket. This model also features LiftMaster’s MyQ® Technology, enabling you to control your opener and house lights with your smartphone, tablet or computer.
LiftMaster Garage Door Openers elite controller LiftMaster Garage Door Openers elite logo
Wall Mount Garage Door Opener
This opener is mounted on the wall beside your garage door, beneficial to anyone requiring extra storage space above. Equipped with MyQ® technology, the included MyQ® Control Panel, when paired with the Internet Gateway, allows you to use your smartphone or computer to control your garage door and light functions from anywhere in the world.
LiftMaster 8355 Garage Door Openers motor

1/2 HP AC Belt Drive Garage Door Opener
This new and dynamic garage door opener features powerful yet quiet operation, easy installation, and reliability backed by a lifetime motor warranty. In addition, it includes LiftMaster’s proprietary, cutting-edge MyQ® connectivity, Security+ 2.0™, a new look, the 893LM 3-button remote control and an 882LM Control Panel.
LiftMaster WLED Garage Door Opener
8550 WLED

DC Battery Backup Belt Drive
Corner to Corner lighting provides daylight-like light to every corner of your garage. Ultra-quiet DC motor and soft start/stop vibration reduction. Wi-Fi is built in, so no extra connection accessories are needed.


Learn how to Stay Connected To Your Home, Away from Home

LiftMaster Garage Door Openers – Commercial

LiftMaster Trolley Operator Logic 5.0

Industrial-Duty Trolley Operator for Standard Lift Sectional Doors
Model T is typically used for standard lift section doors. It features a low profile and industrial ball bearings on the output shaft. Depending on the requirements of the application, it is available in light, medium and industrial duty.
LiftMaster Hoist Operator - Logic 5.0

Industrial-Duty Hoist Operator
Model H is designed for use on rolling doors and grills as well as industrial sectional doors with high or vertical lift. It features a continuous-duty high-starting torque motor, a universal-mount frame design, industrial ball bearings on the output shaft and an emergency chain hoist with an electric interlock. Available in light, medium and industrial duty to fit the application you need.
LiftMaster Hoist Operator

Heavy Industrial-Duty Gear-Reduced Hoist Operator
Model GH is used on rolling doors and grills, as well as industrial sectional doors with high or vertical lift. It features a removable hinged electrical box cover and is easily field-converted in seconds for a left or right-handed drive and hoist. Available in light, medium and industrial duty to fit the application you need.
LiftMaster HCT


Heavy-Duty High-Cycle Trolley Commercial Door Operator
Model HCT is the ultimate high-traffic operatior, perfect for apartment houses and low-profile applications. Designed with many exclusive features, it includes a Security+® receiver, built-in electronic reversing device, heavy-duty track and keyed trolley assembly. HCT is most effective in high-traffic and low-profile applications offering durability, quiet operation and security.


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