Commercial Door Preventive Maintenance Program

The Custom Door & Gate Commercial Door Preventive Maintenance Program

Just like your car or truck, planned maintenance can extend the life of your doors, hardware, operators, electrical control panels, access systems and dock equipment, as well as preventing not only costly unexpected repairs, but possible accidents and/or injury to your personnel. If this equipment is out of operation, it can result in added security expense, or worse, a facility that is not secure. Preventive maintenance is not only a factor in providing safe and useable equipment; it can also maintain your business’ productivity and efficiency levels. Since exterior shipping doors are the first and last part of the product cycle in most facilities, your equipment should be performing at its highest level all of the time.

The Benefits of a Preventive Maintenance Program

The purpose the Preventive Maintenance Program from Custom Door & Gate is to establish consistent routine maintenance of your equipment for a longer life, more reliable product performance, and early detection of operational malfunctions. Our extensive experience has taught us that periodic preventive maintenance inspections can reduce both downtime and major repair expenses while extending the operational efficiency of your commercial doors.

By purchasing our preventive maintenance program, you become a ‘preferred customer’ which entitles you to:

  • Discounts on parts and labor
  • First priority for service calls
  • Access to 24/7 phone number

In addition to those services, our preventive maintenance will:

  • Increase the operational efficiency and reliability of your door and its mechanics
  • Extend the useful life of your equipment
  • Reduce the probability of equipment malfunctioning
  • Decrease downtime
  • Lowe long-term repair expenses

If you would like to learn more about all that our Preventive Maintenance Program has to offer, or talk to a representative about how Custom Door & Gate can help your business, contact us today.

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