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DoorKing Access Control Systems

From proximity card readers to digital keypads featuring intercom substations,  DoorKing Access Control Systems offer a highly sophisticated level of security when integrated with electronic entry gate systems. 

Advanced DoorKing Access Control Systems

Custom Door & Gate is proud to offer the latest DoorKing Access Control Systems (DKS), an American company that has been building advanced access-control systems since 1948.   Whether you are looking to install access control systems to regulate vehicular or pedestrian traffic, Custom Door & Gate offers a wide variety of DoorKing products—from vandal-resistant keypads featuring stainless steel faceplates to fully-encrypted RF transmitters – that provide unparalleled safety and security.

As an authorized DoorKing dealer, Custom Door & Gate will help you select the right access control system for you and then expertly install your system, making sure it integrates seamlessly with your entry gate or garage door systems.   Also, turn to Custom Door & Gate for routine service and repairs for your Door King access control systems. We’ll gladly assist you with repair or replacement of your equipment, including transmitters, receivers, and keypads, while also making sure your system functions properly for life.

When you buy an access control system, you’re making an essential investment in your home or business’ security.

Reasons to Get an Access Control System for Your Garage Door

Buying a simple access control device like a keypad or transmitter makes it safe and convenient to open your garage door.

When you use a lock and key to secure your garage, thieves have ways to pick or break the door open. Meanwhile, a keypad code has thousands of possible combinations to crack. Transmitters have a sensor inside the garage that stays out of harm’s way.

Plus, if you lose your keys, you can enter a code into the keypad or press the transmitter button.

Should I Get an Access Control System for my Entry Gate?

Homeowners who want ultimate security install entry gates to protect their properties. They come with basic access control systems so you don’t have to get in and out of your vehicle every time you want to enter the gate. Instead, you use a transmitter remote to close and open it.

However, you can install advanced technology to make your home even safer. For example, a telephone entry system lets you talk to anyone who tries to enter before you let them in. Sophisticated technology like fingerprint scanners ensures an extra layer of security.

Is It Worth Buying an Access Control System for My Business?

When you consider investing in an access control system for your business, you have to keep your bottom line in mind. After all, you want to make back the amount spent on the system over time. Just as they do for homes, access control systems increase convenience and security for businesses. Keycard and fingerprint systems track who passes through your gate and give only the right people access to an area.

You can create a record of who passes through your property at any given time, too. And for maximum security, you can determine which cards work with the system and which cards should get deactivated. Advanced access control systems especially help residential communities and companies that manage sensitive materials like medicine.

Access Control Systems from Custom Door & Gate

We sell access control systems and gadgets from industry leaders DoorKing and LiftMaster®. Our status as an authorized dealer allows us to provide custom installation and a diverse product selection. Learn more about our inventory of access control systems today.

Security gate systems are a great way to control access to your facility.  But how can you balance security with the need to provide entry to those who need to gain access to your facility?  That’s where a solid and reliable control device can help.  Today’s security gate systems can include a variety of devices that make the process of opening and closing the security gate quite easy, all while maintaining the overall security of your facility.  These control devices allow the user to operate the system through card readers, pass codes entered into a keypad, telephone units, timers or radio controlled transmitters.  Custom Door & Gate works with leading manufacturers of control devices and can help you select, install and maintain the best control device for your security solution.  Contact us today to learn how we can help you with this vital part of your security system.

Types of Security Gate Control Devices Available
There are a variety of security gate control devices available on the market today. Choosing the right control device depends on knowing your personal preferences, how your security gate is used and the type of security gate you have installed on your property.

Card Readers & Key Pads
Card readers and key pads can be stand alone devices or be remotely programmable if tied into a controller. With this feature they are capable of storing thousands of names and transactions. These systems can also be provided with intercom or telephone capabilities. Custom Door & Gate installs and services all major brands of card readers and key pad devices.

Telephone Entry Systems
These devices incorporate a telephone unit that allows the visitor to talk by phone to the person that can provide entry into your facility.  The box can be mounted near the entry gate and positioned for walk-up or drive-up traffic.

A daily or weekly digital timer is used to open or hold open gates.  They have two relays and up to six programmable time periods and come standard with battery backup.

A transmitter is a radio-controlled device that opens or closes the security gate with the touch of a button (like a garage door opener).  Custom Door & Gate sells a variety of transmitter devices and can even help you replace a worn-out transmitter that is aligned with your existing security gate system.

For more information about our access control systems offer, contact us today.

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