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If you need a new commercial garage door system or need an existing door repaired, give us a call. We are proud to offer professional repair services for garage doors and a comprehensive line of commercial overhead and upward acting sectional garage doors below. You can expect exceptional quality and dependability in every model. 

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Your business doesn’t stop — not for bad weather, not for busy sales periods, and certainly not for faulty commercial garage doors. You can’t afford the lost productivity that results from equipment and facility issues. When it comes to commercial overhead doors, you need full confidence that your service doors will work the way it’s intended.

Business never stops and getting product out the door to your customers takes priority. That’s why you need the confidence your commercial garage door will work, the way it is intended. 

At Custom Door & Gate, we know how important industrial doors can be to the success of your business, and we place an emphasis on making sure it shows up for work each day. That’s why we offer an unmatched commercial overhead door service that keeps your business moving forward. Our commercial garage door repair service will help ensure your garage door opens and closes when you need it to.

Our services also help to save you money in energy and improved performance. Newer model doors are energy efficient which helps to save on heating and cooling bills in a facility. For example, commercial steel doors are very popular due to their look and the reduced utility bills you’ll notice from the insulated steel components of the door. 

Insulated Commercial Garage Doors

Commercial garage doors with insulation offer added protection for businesses with garages or loading docks. Upgrading to insulated commercial garage doors can improve your energy efficiency and save you money.

The strength of insulated doors increases your security, too, since the entryways won’t be compromised easily. You need your garage door to demonstrate reliability to protect what’s inside your business, whether you house fire trucks or hundreds of products. Insulation may also reduce the need for repair and maintenance, which can cost your company a lot of money.

You can choose from three different types of insulated garage doors:

  • Intellicore® polyurethane: Made from high-quality steel, these doors provide top-of-the-line protection for your business. They maintain energy efficiency and operate more quietly than comparable garage doors. Firehouses, municipal buildings, and warehouses often employ Intellicore® polyurethane doors.
  • Polystyrene: When you need value and efficiency, polystyrene insulated doors provide the winning combination. They stand up to the demands of the toughest industries, with long-lasting endurance. They make excellent additions to shipping docks, warehouses, and municipal buildings.
  • Economy: If cost is a concern, economy doors offer an excellent solution. The premium-duty 20-gauge and heavy-duty 24-gauge steel insulated doors provide a lighter and more efficient door option.

The Benefits of Insulated Doors

Buying insulated commercial garage doors can assist your business in many ways. Just a few of the benefits include:

  • Temperature control: Doors without insulation let the outside air creep in, which can compromise your goods and the health of your workers. Insulation allows you to keep temperatures warm or cold, depending on the time of year. Your workers will be safer in extreme weather when you can control the atmosphere around them. If you store temperature-sensitive products at your warehouse, you need to know they can last through a heatwave or cold snap.
  • Lower cost: Insulated garage door cost savings come from the higher energy efficiency provided by the doors. While you will pay a little more for an insulated door, you make up that money in what you save on energy. Insulated doors maintain a steady temperature for your business. The heat or cool air won’t escape outdoors and raise your energy bills.
  • Quieter operation: Most businesses are noisy enough without the loud screech of a garage door opening. The insulation on garage doors acts as a natural dampener that can muffle noises from both the outside or inside of the door.

Why Choose Us for Your Commercial Garage Doors?

In addition to the large selection of commercial garage door products, Custom Overhead Door & Gate gives you the confidence that your commercial garage door installation will go smoothly and/or your repaired door will operate correctly. And to back it up, we offer emergency 24×7 service so your business can keep running.

Since 1989, we have served home and business owners in RaleighGreenvilleFayettevilleGreensboro and other North Carolina communities. Our approach is simple, whether for commercial overhead door repair service or other needs: We deliver quality products and services that meet your specific application needs, and we deliver them with an emphasis on service excellence.

Our people make all the difference. Collectively, the Custom Door & Gate team owns more than 100 years of experience in selling, installing, and servicing residential and commercial garage doors. Each of our garage door professionals is focused on meeting and exceeding your expectations at every step in the process.

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When you need professional repair service for commercial garage doors at your business, get in touch with Custom Door & Gate. We respond quickly, because we know issues with garage doors are an urgent problem. We always do what we say we’re going to do, and you’ll never encounter hidden costs. To ensure you’re getting only the services you want and need, we offer free technical advice and troubleshooting over the phone. We work to see your business fully operational with high-functioning garage doors.

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