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How to Prepare for a New Garage Door Installation in 6 Steps

Getting a new garage door for your property will require some planning. You’ve selected the perfect door, and now it’s time to make sure your space is ready for the installers.

Here’s what you should do when preparing for a new garage door installation.

1. Relocate Vehicles to the Street

Garage door installers move in and out of your garage during their visit. Before they arrive, move your cars to the road so there is room to work. Ideally, your installers will be able to pull a utility van close to the installation site to retrieve tools quickly.

2. Clean Up Garage Floors

Check the area around your current garage door to ensure all boxes, tools and other belongings are out of the way. Remember that installers may have to reach the ceiling to configure an overhead door opener, and make sure the professionals can access electronic connections.

3. Remember Your Selections

Your installers want you to be satisfied with your garage door installation. Most professionals will show you the garage door materials, hardware, and trims to verify they are correct before installation. Retrieve any order confirmation documents you have for added confidence.

4. Keep Children and Pets Away From the Garage

Garage door installers will be moving heavy materials and using power tools during the visit. Keep young ones and pets inside for safety until the garage door removal and installation process is complete. If you want to watch the installers work, do so from a safe distance.

5. Plan to Stay Home

Try to plan on being home during the installation visit. Take the day off work or coordinate times when at least one member of your household is available for questions.

6. Prepare Questions to Ask the Installers

Installers know the best ways to operate and maintain your new garage door. Make a list of questions you have for when the installation crews are visiting your home. You may want further details about warranty information and safe cleaning practices.

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