Adding Windows on Garage Doors

Have you ever looked at your home and wondered how to add windows to the garage doors? If you have a standard windowless garage door and are looking to upgrade, it might interest you to know that decorative windows are among the many garage door replacement options that Custom Door and Gate offers with our garage door installations.

Benefits of Garage Door Windows

Windows give life to your garage door. They make your garage door stand out from the rest. They can improve curb appeal and make your entire home feel more inviting.

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Windows take your garage door to a new level and can improve the exterior look of your entire home.

Garage Door Window Options

When you choose to add windows as part of your garage door replacement options with Custom Door and Gate, you have a number of choices to choose from, including:

  • Location: Many people choose to add windows to the upper section of their garage door. This is an option that allows you to enjoy the benefits of windows in your garage doors in a relatively unobtrusive manner.

When you add windows to the top section of your garage door, you let in plenty of light without allowing people outside to see directly into your garage. If you’re someone who likes to work or exercise in the garage, this is a great option, as you avoid feeling enclosed in a dark space as you would without windows, but you don’t have to worry about passersby peering in and seeing what you’re doing.

Others may want the option to see in and out of the garage. If this is the case, you might want to add windows to the third section of your garage door. With this method, you can peek in anytime and make sure your car is safely in the garage. You’ll know it hasn’t been stolen, or that someone hasn’t taken the car out for a spin who isn’t supposed to, without having to actually go into the garage.

  • Type of Glass: You also have some options as to the type of glass you can put in your garage door window. Opaque glass can give you privacy while improving curb appeal. You can choose from different decorative glass options to suit the décor of your home and your personal taste. The right glass can really beautify your garage door.
  • Shape of Windows: We also have alternative shapes to choose from. You may prefer a traditional square shape or have your windows featured in an arch display. Again, how you choose the shape of your windows will be based both on your personal sense of style and the style of your home.

Vintage homes will often call out for an arch window design, while contemporary doors often fit well with the standard square design, but this is not necessarily always the case.

Coordinating Your Garage Door With Your Home

When you choose a new garage door installation or replacement with Custom Door and Gate, we strive to help you choose a door that will fit right in with the décor of your home. Garage door window options are a wonderful way to tie all the elements of your home together. You can also choose windows that complement the other windows in your home for even more cohesiveness throughout.

You Can Get a New Garage Door With Windows Right Now

We have a large line of Clopay® doors with gorgeous window options that we’re happy to install for you anytime.

To learn more about new garage door installation with windows, feel free to contact us today!