Benefits Of SmokeShield® Elevator Smoke Curtain

SmokeShield Elevator

Benefits of Having SmokeShield® Elevator for Your Business

Does your commercial building contain one or more elevators? During a fire, the shaft can act as a funnel that draws dangerous smoke through the facility, increasing the risk to its occupants. SmokeShield® Elevator can serve as an integral component of an elevator fire safety system by preventing smoke and hot gases from infiltrating the shaft. 

What Is SmokeShield® Elevator?

SmokeShield® Elevator is the brand name for an effective smoke curtain manufactured by Cornell. SmokeShield® Elevator deploys automatically and uses patented GuideLock™ technology to seal the shaft when an elevator fire occurs. This process creates a protective barrier that contains the smoke and gases in a confined area. Buttons on either side of the barrier enable building occupants or first responders to open the curtain when necessary. 

What Are the Benefits of SmokeShield® Elevator Curtains?

Installing SmokeShield® Elevator curtains in your building’s elevators provides numerous benefits:

  • Flexibility: These smoke curtains aren’t “one-size-fits-all.” The customization potential ensures they fit openings up to 12 feet high by 12 feet wide. They can also occupy less than 10 inches of space when retracted.
  • Aesthetics: The design versatility enables the concealment of the curtain in wood, masonry and other fascia materials, providing a wide range of mounting possibilities. Choose from an assortment of attractive finishes to allow exposed components to match, complement or contrast with the surroundings.
  • Cost savings: Using SmokeShield® Elevator for businesses can eliminate the need for expensive smoke extraction systems, creating a more cost-effective fire protection solution.
  • Reliability: Trust SmokeShield® Elevator to perform in an emergency. The battery backup protects against power losses and can cycle the system for up to 10 hours.
  • Compliance: SmokeShield® Elevator meets the International Building Code (IBC) fire safety requirements, eliminating the need to install an IBC-approved elevator lobby. The smoke curtain also satisfies the ICC-ES AC-77 requirements regarding the use of smoke containment systems. 

SmokeShield Elevator

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As a full-service Cornell distributor, Custom Door & Gate can help with all your SmokeShield® Elevator fire safety needs in the North Carolina counties of Cumberland, Guilford and Moore. We’ll help you explore the possibilities, enabling you to make the best choices for your business. We can also handle all your installation, repair and maintenance needs. 

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