Benefits of Buying an Access Control System

Benefits of Buying an Access Control System

An access control system uses technology to regulate who comes in and who goes out of your gate. Devices used in access control systems include transmitters, card readers, keypads, timers, and telephone systems.

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When you buy an access control system, you’re making an essential investment in your home or business’ security.

Reasons to Get an Access Control System for Your Garage Door

Buying a simple access control device like a keypad or transmitter makes it safe and convenient to open your garage door.

When you use a lock and key to secure your garage, thieves have ways to pick or break the door open. Meanwhile, a keypad code has thousands of possible combinations to crack. Transmitters have a sensor inside the garage that stays out of harm’s way.

Plus, if you lose your keys, you can enter a code into the keypad or press the transmitter button.

Should I Get an Access Control System for My Entry Gate?

Homeowners who want ultimate security install entry gates to protect their properties. They come with basic access control systems so you don’t have to get in and out of your vehicle every time you want to enter the gate. Instead, you use a transmitter remote to close and open it.

However, you can install advanced technology to make your home even safer. For example, a telephone entry system lets you talk to anyone who tries to enter before you let them in. Sophisticated technology like fingerprint scanners ensures an extra layer of security.

Is It Worth Buying an Access Control System for My Business?

When you consider investing in an access control system for your business, you have to keep your bottom line in mind. After all, you want to make back the amount spent on the system over time. Just as they do for homes, access control systems increase convenience and security for businesses. Keycard and fingerprint systems track who passes through your gate and give only the right people access to an area.

You can create a record of who passes through your property at any given time, too. And for maximum security, you can determine which cards work with the system and which cards should get deactivated. Advanced access control systems especially help residential communities and companies that manage sensitive materials like medicine.

Access Control Systems From Custom Door & Gate

We sell access control systems and gadgets from industry leaders DoorKing and LiftMaster®. Our status as an authorized dealer allows us to provide custom installation and a diverse product selection. Learn more about our inventory of access control systems today. If you have any questions or want to place an order, contact us online.

Two of Our Own Receive IDEA Rolling Steel Door Certification

Custom Door & Gate is proud to announce that Custom Door & Gate of Raleigh is now has two more team members with IDEA Rolling Steel Door Certification for commercial garage door repair and service. This month two of our Managers recently passed the IDEA Rolling Steel Fire Door Certification. Congratulations to Andy Simerman and Tony Gallenback.

IDEA is the Institute of Door Dealer Education and Accreditation. Its purpose is to educate professional door systems dealers with knowledge and expertise in the door industry. Our commitment to industry excellence translates to our customers, ultimately providing you with the best service possible from trained experts.

Rolling Steel Fire Door Certification is available to technicians with a minimum of two years of field experience installing or repairing commercial rolling doors. Successful candidates must show a high level of expertise regarding the products, accessories, installation and service methods. The course of study designed by the IDEA is designed to both measure and enhance expertise. It includes field training documented by an IDEA Sanctioned Trainer and the successful completion of a 200 question written exam. The comprehensive curriculum includes:

  • Industry Codes & Standards
  • Door Materials, Insulation & Finishes
  • Components of a Commercial Rolling Door System
  • Installation: Tools & Equipment, Site Inspections, Methods
  • Operators and Controls – Maintenance & Troubleshooting
  • Safety
  • Terminology
  • DASMA (Door & Access Systems Manufacturers Association)Technical DataK/LI>

As our newest IDEA certified Commercial Rolling Door Systems Technicians, Andy and Tony are true assets to our organization as experts on all aspects of fire doors.

In addition to offering Clopay’s full line of Residential Garage Doors, we also provide Commercial Doors, Entry Gates and Access Control Systems to the Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Fayetteville & Greenville areas.

How are Commercial Garage Doors Different than Residential Models?

How are commercial garage doors different than the residential models? Frequency of use is probably the biggest difference; whereas a residential garage doors may be raised and lowered a few times a day, commercial overhead doors may open and close dozens of times in just an hour. Commercial doors may also function as a load-in point for trucks, new equipment and tools. These doors are vital to day-to-day operations of a business, so the commercial operators powering these entrance points need to function reliably and safely at all times.

Reserve Collection Limited Edition SeriesWith the increase in operations and the larger, heavier size of commercial doors, safety features become that much more important. Photo-sensors or a monitored sensing edge perform beyond basic constant contact-to-close operation. Commercial-rated photoelectric sensors ensuring the door stops when people or vehicles cross the sensors’ path. This alleviates potential harm or injury to facility employees, guests, equipment or materials that might be crossing under a moving, heavy commercial door.

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