2022 – New Technology In Garage Door Motors

new technology in garage door motors

When thinking about technological advancements, garage door motors may not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, you’ve invested a lot into your garage door, and its practical operation is as important as its appearance. Today’s smart garage door openers deliver safety and security benefits to protect the things you care about most.

Remote Access

Easily manage garage access when you’re on the move with remote access. Models like the LiftMaster® 84602 pair with wireless keyless entry pads for convenience when you need to allow a guest into your garage. There’s no need to share a key when a code will do. Set a temporary PIN for one-time access while safeguarding your primary code.

MyQ®, a companion app for LiftMaster garage door technology, allows you to operate your doors from any internet-connected device. Permit deliveries, visitors and more directly from your smartphone.

Integrated LED Lighting

Say goodbye to dark garages — today’s upgraded door openers include motion-sensing LED lighting for added security. The lights on the Elite Series 8500W offer 1,500 lumens for full illumination in even the darkest corners. You can also control them with your myQ app for extra convenience.


Cameras are an essential part of any home security system, and your garage should be no exception. Choose a model like the LiftMaster 87504-267 with Secure View™ technology. Enjoy a bird’s eye view of your garage in real-time or respond to visitors through the two-way audio and your myQ app.

garage door technology advancements

Amazon Key

Among the latest advancements in garage door technology is the addition of Amazon Key, a solution to combat porch pirates and weather challenges. The myQ app integrates easily with this Amazon Prime benefit, allowing package delivery directly into your garage’s secure, dry environment.

Safety Sensors

Keeping your loved ones safe is a significant benefit of smart technology in garage doors. Models like the ultra-quiet LiftMaster 84501 use the exclusive Protector System® to detect anything in the door’s path. The sensors rely on an unbroken light beam, and the door stops automatically if something interrupts the ray.

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