How to Reset a Garage Door Opener

LiftMaster garage door opener

While you might not think about it often, your garage represents a significant part of your daily life. Whether you use it for hobbies, storage, or as your primary point of entry, getting in and out is essential. So what do you do when you’ve lost a remote or the door opener doesn’t seem to respond to keypads, your car, or a handheld device? It may be time to reprogram your garage door opener.

Fortunately, programming a garage door opener is a fairly straightforward process once you know where to begin.

How Do Garage Door Openers Work?

All garage door openers rely on an electric motor to power the door. Remotes, vehicles, and handheld devices use radio transmissions to communicate with the opener.

Newer models have additional security features in the form of a computer chip. These chips generate one-time, random codes with each entry and exit to prevent bad actors from hacking your system and gaining entry to your garage.

Resetting Newer Garage Door Openers

Locate a button labeled “home” or “learn” on your opener’s central unit. These buttons are often near the antenna and close to an LED light. While the best source of reprogramming information is your owner’s manual, you can typically follow these steps for reset:

  1. Press and hold the learn button to delete old codes.
  2. Test the door opener with a handheld remote or another opening device, such as your vehicle’s technology options.

Each model is different, with some devices resetting on the initial push while others rely on a second button press after the LED light blinks.

Resetting Older Garage Door Openers

Older models are easy to identify since they don’t have the “learn” or “home” button. Instead, these models include a set of switches in the central unit and a similar set in the handheld remote. Typically, there are nine to 12 switches you can control. The setting pattern must match for the devices to communicate successfully.

Carefully remove the main unit housing and remote covers and check the patterns. Reset the switches by using a pencil point or toothpick to gently slide them into identical positions before testing.

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