Summer Garage Maintenance Tips

Summer Garage Maintenance Tips

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Summer is the ideal time for handling some of those much-needed exterior maintenance projects, including taking care of your home’s garage door. Routine maintenance is essential for ensuring the door continues to function properly and safely. It can also enhance the door’s curb appeal and contribute to a more comfortable environment inside the garage.

Basic Garage Door Maintenance for Summer

Your summertime garage door upkeep should include:

  • Washing: Give the door a proper washing to remove the dirt and debris that has accumulated over the winter. A combination of a mild car-washing or dishwashing soap and water is perfect for the job. Apply the mixture with a soft cloth, brush or sponge to both sides and rinse thoroughly with a hose.
  • Rust removal: Corrosion can spread quickly and ruin a metal garage door. Sand down any rust spots to prevent the problem from getting worse.
  • Painting: A fresh coat of paint will significantly improve the door’s appearance and protect it from the elements.
  • Inspection: Enlist the services of a professional garage door company like Custom Door & Gate to lubricate the door’s springs, rollers, hinges, and other moving parts and conduct a comprehensive safety inspection.

How to Cool a Garage

Keeping a garage door cool during the summer can be a challenge. A cooler garage can impact the comfort of your home and help to preserve any heat- and humidity-sensitive items you store in it.

Some garage door cooling ideas include:

  • Natural ventilation: Increase air circulation inside the garage by opening any outside-facing doors or windows.
  • Ceiling fans: A ceiling fan offers a cost-effective solution for circulating air and keeping the garage cooler.
  • Dehumidifiers: Running a dehumidifier will remove moisture from the air inside your garage and make it feel less “sticky.”
  • Air conditioning: Installing either a window air conditioner or a mini-split A/C unit (which doesn’t require a window) provides the ultimate garage cooling solution. However, your energy costs will be higher than when using ceiling fans.
  • Lighter shade: If you decide to paint your garage door, choose white or another light color, as this will reflect rather than absorb the heat and keep the interior cooler.
  • Remove clutter: De-cluttering your garage is an excellent way to improve airflow. You could even hold a garage sale to get rid of unwanted items and make a little extra money.
  • Upgrade to an insulated door: Installing a garage door with built-in insulation (or one made from wood) will help keep hot air from entering the garage.

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Custom Door & Gate can provide maintenance for your garage door this summer and install an insulated door that will keep your garage cooler. Contact us for more information today!

How to Make Your Garage Gym Better

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A garage can be much more than a place to park your car or store unused household items. For the fitness-minded, a garage can provide the perfect environment for a fully functional home gym. You can work out at your convenience, and you won’t have to make extra trips to your neighborhood health club.

Custom Door & Gate is happy to provide some ideas that will inspire you to turn your garage into a gym or make improvements to your existing home garage gym.


During the summer, you can keep your garage door open and enjoy the natural light of the sun as you pump iron. But what about the winter when you need to rely on interior lights? Choosing the right lighting is essential for maximizing your workouts. A gym that’s too dark sends a signal to your body that it’s time to rest, which will negatively impact your results. Consider replacing those dull fluorescent overhead garage lights with brighter, more vibrant LED lighting. Adding a garage door that includes windows is a great way allow light to enter without worrying about anyone seeing you from the outside.


For most people, the music they listen to while working out serves as a motivational tool to work harder. Install high-quality speakers or use a Bluetooth speaker to add more life to your workout. With a home gym, you don’t have to wear headphones as you have complete control over the music.

Wall Decor

Customize your home garage gym by hanging signs with your favorite inspirational sayings on the walls. It’s a great way to find the motivation on those days when you’re feeling tired or would rather be doing something else. Installing large mirrors is another way to fill up wall space, and they enable you to check your form and technique as you exercise.

Climate Control

A garage gym that’s too hot or cold can make for an uncomfortable and unproductive workout environment. Using space heaters and floor fans can help you keep the garage at a comfortable temperature throughout the year. Installing a ceiling fan is another practical solution. It will provide increased airflow when it’s hot, and when reversing its direction, it can push warm air from the ceiling to the floor during the winter. Another option is to ensure that you have a properly insulated garage door so you won’t feel the sweltering heat in the summer or the freezing cold in the winter.

How Can a Garage Door Upgrade Help?

Don’t forget about the door when making plans for a gym in your garage. The pros at Custom Door & Gate can install an insulated garage door that will meet your temperature control and sound dampening needs. We offer a large selection of premium doors from Clopay® and more than 25 years of residential garage door expertise.

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Ideas For Converting Your Garage

Like many homeowners, you’ve probably found yourself wishing you had more space in your home.

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Unfortunately, home renovations and expansions can be very costly. The good news? You may be overlooking a space in your home that can be easily converted: your garage.

Garage Room Ideas

Need some inspiration to envision your garage as a living space? We’ve put together a few garage room ideas to get you started:

  • Game room: Add a pool or air hockey table to take your next get-together up a notch. Or maybe video games are more your style — either way, your garage can be the perfect gaming space.
  • Home office: If you’re one of the many Americans who work from home or have a side hustle, you know how important it is to have an office space.
  • Reading nook: Wishing you had a special place to curl up with a good book and relax? Make it happen! Or if you unwind in a different way, adjust accordingly. You can easily add a bar cart and some comfy seating, for example.
  • Craft room: Maybe your craft is woodworking, ceramics, scrapbooking or knitting. Whatever it is, a dedicated space can make it that much more enjoyable — and free up space elsewhere.

Of course, these are only a few ideas. You could also change your garage into a living room, a laundry room, a guest bedroom or even a home gym. This is an opportunity to get creative and turn your house into the home of your dreams!

Think about it — your garage is already an extension of your home. Converted properly, garages can easily function as living spaces. Of course, you should always consider the pros and cons before making any significant updates to your home. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Adding livable space can increase the value of your home.
  • Converting a garage into a room is a budget-friendly house extension.
  • Since the structure is already built, you can do most of the work yourself without hiring a professional.

Some of the downside factors to consider before converting your garage include the following:

  • You’ll lose the dedicated space for your car.
  • While it’s less costly than an expansion, converting your garage can still be pricey depending on its current state.
  • ou may need a permit for a garage conversion. Double-check before beginning your project!

How to Convert a Garage Into a Living Space

Do you have your heart set on converting a garage into a room? Following are the first steps you’ll need to take to ensure a functional living space:

  1. Insulate the walls and ceiling if you haven’t already, but don’t stop there. A properly insulated garage door will have a profound effect on temperature control.
  2. Install drywall and flooring.
  3. Upgrade the electrical wiring. You’ll want plenty of lighting in your new space.
  4. Connect to your home’s HVAC unit or install an independent system to regulate temperature.

Your next steps might vary depending on the type of room you have in mind. You may want to paint, measure the room for new furniture and/or finish up any carpentry. The sky’s the limit — just have fun customizing your new room!

Finish Your Renovation With a New Garage Door

Top off your brand new garage room with an updated garage door! A new door will ensure that your room is properly insulated and protected from the elements. Plus, it will add curb appeal and style.

Contact Custom Overhead Doors for installations and repairs. We have more than 25 years of experience making homes like yours beautiful.

Single Panel vs. Sectional Garage Doors

Garage doors come in two primary types: single panel and sectional. While sectional garage doors have separate panels, single panel garage doors come in one large piece.

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Most people use sectional garage doors because suppliers sell more of them than they do single panel doors. However, single panel garage doors also have plenty to offer homeowners. Learn the difference between sectional and single panel doors to choose which type of garage door to buy.

Sectional and Single Panel Garage Door Prices

Many homeowners consider price the deciding factor when it comes to a type of garage door. While scarcity drives up the prices of single panel garage doors a little, they tend to cost less than sectional doors. A single panel door usually has a much lower price than a sectional door created with the same materials.

If you plan on installing your garage door yourself, a single panel door has fewer parts to manage. You can save money with a DIY single panel garage door installation.

Differences in Appearance Between Single Panel and Sectional Doors

Both types of garage door come in a variety of attractive materials and designs. However, sectional doors must have a layout that includes the segments required to make the door work. Meanwhile, single panel garage doors have one section with many aesthetic options.

People with old homes often use single panel garage doors to make their buildings look historically accurate. Some homeowners with modern homes simply enjoy the vintage appearance.

The Functionality of Sectional and Single Panel Garage Doors

Single panel doors often have better cost and appearance options than sectional doors. However, sectional doors often have more modern features than single panel doors. They provide more safety than single panel doors because of their lack of extension springs. If you don’t maintain extension springs, they can break and cause injury or let in intruders.

Also, a sectional door has a smaller opening clearance than a single panel door, making it suitable for small-space scenarios. It also stands up better to intense weather.

Should I Buy a Single Panel or Sectional Garage Door?

The two main varieties of garage door each have their own strengths and weaknesses. In summary, you might prefer a sectional garage door if you:

  • Want a bigger selection to buy from
  • Have small space requirements
  • Need superior durability
  • Prefer less frequent maintenance

A single panel door could suit you better if you:

  • Plan to “DIY” your installation
  • Want to enhance an older home
  • Have a tight garage door budget

Browse our inventory of residential garage doors to understand your options. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us online. You can also call us at 919-457-9489 for immediate help from one of our expert team members.

Benefits of Buying an Access Control System

An access control system uses technology to regulate who comes in and who goes out of your gate. Devices used in access control systems include transmitters, card readers, keypads, timers, and telephone systems.

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When you buy an access control system, you’re making an essential investment in your home or business’ security.

Reasons to Get an Access Control System for Your Garage Door

Buying a simple access control device like a keypad or transmitter makes it safe and convenient to open your garage door.

When you use a lock and key to secure your garage, thieves have ways to pick or break the door open. Meanwhile, a keypad code has thousands of possible combinations to crack. Transmitters have a sensor inside the garage that stays out of harm’s way.

Plus, if you lose your keys, you can enter a code into the keypad or press the transmitter button.

Should I Get an Access Control System for My Entry Gate?

Homeowners who want ultimate security install entry gates to protect their properties. They come with basic access control systems so you don’t have to get in and out of your vehicle every time you want to enter the gate. Instead, you use a transmitter remote to close and open it.

However, you can install advanced technology to make your home even safer. For example, a telephone entry system lets you talk to anyone who tries to enter before you let them in. Sophisticated technology like fingerprint scanners ensures an extra layer of security.

Is It Worth Buying an Access Control System for My Business?

When you consider investing in an access control system for your business, you have to keep your bottom line in mind. After all, you want to make back the amount spent on the system over time. Just as they do for homes, access control systems increase convenience and security for businesses. Keycard and fingerprint systems track who passes through your gate and give only the right people access to an area.

You can create a record of who passes through your property at any given time, too. And for maximum security, you can determine which cards work with the system and which cards should get deactivated. Advanced access control systems especially help residential communities and companies that manage sensitive materials like medicine.

Access Control Systems From Custom Door & Gate

We sell access control systems and gadgets from industry leaders DoorKing and LiftMaster®. Our status as an authorized dealer allows us to provide custom installation and a diverse product selection. Learn more about our inventory of access control systems today. If you have any questions or want to place an order, contact us online.

Why Should I Buy an Insulated Garage Door?

When the winter weather begins to set in, you may find yourself bundling up to withstand the change in seasons. Unfortunately, as the temperature starts to fall, energy bills seem to rise. Discovering the proper insulation for your home can make a world of difference in both the degree of comfort you and your family feel inside and the amount of money you fork out each month on energy. One way to safeguard your house against feeling the unnecessary backlash of cold wintry weather is to start by investing in the proper doors.

insulated garage doors

When it gets frosty outside, remain toasty inside your warm and snug abode — garage included. Anyone with a garage will reap innumerable benefits when they insulate their garage this winter season.

1. Save Money on Energy Costs

Garage doors are much like windows in that you may find yourself constantly opening and closing them throughout the day. When the winter season approaches, you might refrain from using your garage as often due to the fear that cold gusts of air will quickly rush inside. Even when your garage door is not in use, you may experience frigid conditions inside without the proper ventilation. An insulated garage door erases all your winter worries, providing you just the level of temperature control and coziness you and your family need.

Even when your house uses temperature control, your garage may be exempt from feeling the added warmth. Typically, many garages come constructed with concrete walls and floors that do little to benefit the homeowner regarding thermal properties. Insulated garage doors solve cold and frigid conditions by providing high R-Value thermal properties that retain warmth inside, guaranteeing less warm air escapes and more money stays in your pocket.

2. Improve Your Home’s Comfort

Winter isn’t the only season that provides at times undesirable weather conditions. Sweltering summer days can emit unacceptably elevated levels of heat that quickly crank up the temperatures inside your home. Whether you want to remain toasty inside or fresh and cool, the right garage doors can help maintain the temperature you desire.

There’s no better way to escape frigid winter air or scalding summer days than by relaxing in a temperature controlled environment. How comfortable can you be when you’re dripping sweat or freezing under layers of clothes –– inside your own home. You deserve to be comfortable in your home, and insulated garage doors offer you and your family relief and coziness every day of the year.

3. Increase Your Garage’s Functionality

Your garage is more than a place to store your cars and bikes. Just like any other room in your home, your garage can serve multiple purposes. From a studio spacious enough to complete your tasks and hobbies to a home gym where you can pump some iron, garages can convert into practically any living space with ease. To make the conditions livable, you first need to ensure comfort, starting with the temperature inside.

Insulated garage doors provide consistent temperatures inside, even when the weather outside is unpredictable. Whether you’re turning on the A/C in the summer or cranking up the heat on colder days, you can rest assured your garage is suitable for lounging around in throughout the day.

Call Custom Overhead Doors for Your New Insulated Garage Door

From saving money on your energy bill to providing high levels of comfort throughout your home, there’s no shortage of the benefits you can reap by investing in an insulated garage door.

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At Custom Overhead Doors, we have superior insulated doors designed for every home, so you can enjoy comfort throughout your entire house every day of the year.

How to Increase Natural Lighting With Full Vision Doors

If you’ve ever found yourself admiring the spectacular lighting of a friend or family member’s home, chances are they have a set of full vision doors installed in their home. If you find yourself surrounded by dark, drab surroundings throughout the day, add a splash of natural light shining into your home to transform your interior ambiance and surroundings.

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Getting the natural light you and your family need don’t have to be difficult. When you’re inside, you may still want to enjoy the sunny daylight. When you invest in full vision doors, you guarantee yourself the same degree of illumination indoors as you would outside. Increase the gleam of your home by letting the sunlight radiate inside.

Open Up Your Home to Natural Light

One of the advantages to investing in full vision doors is the resulting natural light that pours into your home throughout the day. Clear panels provide sunlight the ample opportunity to shine in your home. You don’t have to venture outdoors to enjoy a full beam of sunlight, after all.

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The Avante Garage Door Collection from Clopay® is the ideal choice for any homeowner needing additional radiance throughout the day. Perhaps you want slight sunlight without too much illumination. When purchasing your window, be sure to pick the choice that best suits you! The Avante Garage Door Collection equips our customers with the ability to select from more than 13 various windowpane options to choose the degree of light they most desire.

Provide Added Aesthetical Value

Full vision doors shine with an added aesthetical value, providing a look of modernism in any home. Whether you’re looking to renovate your garage space or enhance your home’s interior with an added flair for anyone desiring a touch of modernization.

Adding a touch of style is effortless with the natural lighting provided by full vision doors. Your home will radiate warmth from within even when the sun sets for the evening. Passersby will admire your home’s natural welcoming nature because your abode will always provide an affectionate glow.

Steel and Aluminum Options

When you invest in full vision panels, you expect quality materials. Your home can’t radiate within when its exterior is falling apart.  Steel and aluminum options are available for guaranteed durability, so your home can shine endlessly with rust-proof material that withstands the wintery weather. You can increase natural lighting in your home while improving your level of protection, too. Steel and aluminum are strong, resilient materials that let the light shine out without allowing unwelcoming guests inside.

Choose Custom Overhead Doors

Giving your home more natural light can be both simple and straightforward. You can enjoy the perks of added sunlight throughout the day while giving off a welcoming, radiant glow at night.

Contact Custom Overhead Doors today. We’ll help you get one step closer to letting in the light.

How to Measure for a New Garage Door

Before you ever start looking at new garage doors, be sure of the proper size garage door you need. Fortunately, measuring your garage door can be a quick, easy process with the right approach.

Before you start, you’ll need to be prepared with some basic materials. You’ll want a tape measure to get the actual measurements, a step ladder for easy access to all areas, and a pen and paper to write it all down.

Steps for Measuring Your Garage Door

Now you’re ready to actually measure the garage door.

Start by measuring the width of the door. For this measurement, you want to make sure you record the width at its widest point. You will measure from the middle of the left side of the finished opening directly across to the right side. Measure in feet and inches. It may be difficult for you to stretch a tape measure all the way across by yourself, so get assistance or use a digital tape measure.

Once you’ve got the width, the next step is to measure the height, also in feet and inches. Again, you want the highest possible point. Make sure the floor is level and the top of the finished opening is as well. Measure from the garage door floor to the top of the finished opening.

Now you need to know how much room you have between the door opening and the ends of the garage. Measure the width from the opening on either side to the end of the garage on that side. You’ll need up to 3.75 inches on each side to install vertical track. For a double car garage door, you need a center post at least 10 inches wide.

You’re almost done. Next, you’ll need to measure the distance from the top of the door opening to the ceiling. You’ll need a stepladder for this part. This area is known as the headroom, and it is important because the garage door will need to roll up on tracks through this area.

Finally, you’ll need to measure the distance from the garage door opening to the back of the garage. This is called the backroom, and it is also critical because this is the area where your garage door will retract when open. If you have a sectional door, you’ll need the amount of the door height plus 15 inches for manual lift doors or 18 inches for doors that retract with an electric garage door opener.

Order Your Replacement Garage Door From Custom Door & Gate Today

Once you know the measurements, it’s time to get your new garage door.

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Whether you need a new garage door replacement or residential garage door repair in Raleigh, Greensboro, Greenville, Fayetteville or nearby areas, Custom Door & Gate is the company to call. We offer fast, friendly, high-quality garage door service at a reasonable price in North Carolina for over 25 years. Contact us today.

Adding Windows on Garage Doors

Have you ever looked at your home and wondered how to add windows to the garage doors? If you have a standard windowless garage door and are looking to upgrade, it might interest you to know that decorative windows are among the many garage door replacement options that Custom Door and Gate offers with our garage door installations.

Benefits of Garage Door Windows

Windows give life to your garage door. They make your garage door stand out from the rest. They can improve curb appeal and make your entire home feel more inviting.

garage door

Windows take your garage door to a new level and can improve the exterior look of your entire home.

Garage Door Window Options

When you choose to add windows as part of your garage door replacement options with Custom Door and Gate, you have a number of choices to choose from, including:

  • Location: Many people choose to add windows to the upper section of their garage door. This is an option that allows you to enjoy the benefits of windows in your garage doors in a relatively unobtrusive manner.

When you add windows to the top section of your garage door, you let in plenty of light without allowing people outside to see directly into your garage. If you’re someone who likes to work or exercise in the garage, this is a great option, as you avoid feeling enclosed in a dark space as you would without windows, but you don’t have to worry about passersby peering in and seeing what you’re doing.

Others may want the option to see in and out of the garage. If this is the case, you might want to add windows to the third section of your garage door. With this method, you can peek in anytime and make sure your car is safely in the garage. You’ll know it hasn’t been stolen, or that someone hasn’t taken the car out for a spin who isn’t supposed to, without having to actually go into the garage.

  • Type of Glass: You also have some options as to the type of glass you can put in your garage door window. Opaque glass can give you privacy while improving curb appeal. You can choose from different decorative glass options to suit the décor of your home and your personal taste. The right glass can really beautify your garage door.
  • Shape of Windows: We also have alternative shapes to choose from. You may prefer a traditional square shape or have your windows featured in an arch display. Again, how you choose the shape of your windows will be based both on your personal sense of style and the style of your home.

Vintage homes will often call out for an arch window design, while contemporary doors often fit well with the standard square design, but this is not necessarily always the case.

Coordinating Your Garage Door With Your Home

When you choose a new garage door installation or replacement with Custom Door and Gate, we strive to help you choose a door that will fit right in with the décor of your home. Garage door window options are a wonderful way to tie all the elements of your home together. You can also choose windows that complement the other windows in your home for even more cohesiveness throughout.

You Can Get a New Garage Door With Windows Right Now

We have a large line of Clopay® doors with gorgeous window options that we’re happy to install for you anytime.

To learn more about new garage door installation with windows, feel free to contact us today!

See Your New Garage Door at the Raleigh Home Show

Raleigh-home-showJoin us at the Raleigh Home Show

We will be at the Raleigh Convention Center September 5 – 8, 2014 to talk about and see some of the new garage doors from Custom Door & Gate. We’ll be there to answer your questions and give you ideas for how to add beauty and comfort to your home with a new residential garage door or entry door.