Single Panel vs. Sectional Garage Doors

Garage doors come in two primary types: single panel and sectional. While sectional garage doors have separate panels, single panel garage doors come in one large piece.

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Most people use sectional garage doors because suppliers sell more of them than they do single panel doors. However, single panel garage doors also have plenty to offer homeowners. Learn the difference between sectional and single panel doors to choose which type of garage door to buy.

Sectional and Single Panel Garage Door Prices

Many homeowners consider price the deciding factor when it comes to a type of garage door. While scarcity drives up the prices of single panel garage doors a little, they tend to cost less than sectional doors. A single panel door usually has a much lower price than a sectional door created with the same materials.

If you plan on installing your garage door yourself, a single panel door has fewer parts to manage. You can save money with a DIY single panel garage door installation.

Differences in Appearance Between Single Panel and Sectional Doors

Both types of garage door come in a variety of attractive materials and designs. However, sectional doors must have a layout that includes the segments required to make the door work. Meanwhile, single panel garage doors have one section with many aesthetic options.

People with old homes often use single panel garage doors to make their buildings look historically accurate. Some homeowners with modern homes simply enjoy the vintage appearance.

The Functionality of Sectional and Single Panel Garage Doors

Single panel doors often have better cost and appearance options than sectional doors. However, sectional doors often have more modern features than single panel doors. They provide more safety than single panel doors because of their lack of extension springs. If you don’t maintain extension springs, they can break and cause injury or let in intruders.

Also, a sectional door has a smaller opening clearance than a single panel door, making it suitable for small-space scenarios. It also stands up better to intense weather.

Should I Buy a Single Panel or Sectional Garage Door?

The two main varieties of garage door each have their own strengths and weaknesses. In summary, you might prefer a sectional garage door if you:

  • Want a bigger selection to buy from
  • Have small space requirements
  • Need superior durability
  • Prefer less frequent maintenance

A single panel door could suit you better if you:

  • Plan to “DIY” your installation
  • Want to enhance an older home
  • Have a tight garage door budget

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