Do I Need a Battery Backup for My Garage Door Opener?

Get A Battery Backup For Your Garage Door Opener

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As a homeowner with an automated garage door, you might wonder what could happen in the event of a powerful storm. The main advantage of a battery backup for a garage door opener is that you can still get your car in or out if this ever happens. Your house can have power outage protection with a backup battery to keep your overhead door running. 

What Do Backup Batteries Do?

Garage door openers provide easy access to your garage while helping protect your home and belongings. If a storm takes out the power lines, you may need to open or close your garage. Backup batteries for your openers will give you peace of mind as an alternative to opening your heavy overhead door by hand. 

Many manufacturers like LiftMaster® make their garage door openers with backup capabilities. If you don’t have one already, you can still get a battery for LiftMaster products after your initial purchase. Built with efficient power management systems, backup batteries will ensure your family’s safety and security during any natural event. 

How You Can Prepare for a Power Outage

To avoid manually opening the largest moving part in your home, you can prepare for power outages with smart technology. Using myQ smartphone control can make any automated overhead door open or close from your mobile device. With built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, LiftMaster garage door openers will pair with myQ so you can open your garage from afar. Other advantages of myQ technology include:

  • Easy package delivery: Key by Amazon in-garage delivery enables shipping personnel to leave packages securely in the garage when you’re not home. 
  • Remote activation: If you have young children getting off the bus, you can open the garage door for them when you’re on the way home from work.
  • Simple scheduling: You can sync myQ with your other home devices and create a program for when you want the door to open or close every day.

When storms happen, your home should be ready for anything. You can prepare for a power outage with a garage door battery backup that will make it easy to get in or out of your home. Your world doesn’t have to stop because of a few power lines, and we’re ready to help you plan. 

Be Ready for Anything With Our Garage Door Backup Technology

Your home is your safe haven in the event of a snow or rainstorm, and it should perform like one. You can prepare for the possibility of downed power lines by getting a backup battery for your garage door opener. Come see the team at Custom Door & Gate to browse garage door openers or request an estimate today