Cleaning and Lubricating Your Garage Door Hinges, Rollers and Track

Your garage door just like any other mechanical device requires regular maintenance to perform its best day-in and day-out. This includes cleaning and lubricating your garage door hinges, rollers and track on an annual basis.

Cleaning your garage door track is the first step. Don’t use water or other chemicals as this can cause build up and do more damage than good. Instead, use a broom to brush off any dust and debris. Be particularly careful to clean out spider webs and other insect nests that might capture other dirt and particles that can clog up the tracks and wheels.

For garage doors in North Carolina, consider doing this seasonally after the brown pine pollen has finished covering the ground. In other areas, the spring is a good time to do maintenance because winter vehicle traffic brings an abundance of dirt and grime into the garage.

Once you have cleaned the track and other elements, the next step is lubrication. Lubricating your garage door hinges, rollers and track should be done with a light coating of spray silicon lubricant. You don’t need to apply very much and you shouldn’t apply liquid lubricants as this can also cause build up and collect other debris.

If you decide that you do need a garage door service professional to help with fixing your garage door or to do maintenance, or even give you a quote on a new garage door, we hope you’ll contact Custom Door & Gate your first call.