How are Commercial Garage Doors Different than Residential Models?

How are commercial garage doors different than the residential models? Frequency of use is probably the biggest difference; whereas a residential garage doors may be raised and lowered a few times a day, commercial overhead doors may open and close dozens of times in just an hour. Commercial doors may also function as a load-in point for trucks, new equipment and tools. These doors are vital to day-to-day operations of a business, so the commercial operators powering these entrance points need to function reliably and safely at all times.

Reserve Collection Limited Edition SeriesWith the increase in operations and the larger, heavier size of commercial doors, safety features become that much more important. Photo-sensors or a monitored sensing edge perform beyond basic constant contact-to-close operation. Commercial-rated photoelectric sensors ensuring the door stops when people or vehicles cross the sensors’ path. This alleviates potential harm or injury to facility employees, guests, equipment or materials that might be crossing under a moving, heavy commercial door.

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