Fixing a Noisy Garage Door

My neighbor jokes that his noisy garage door is a security system so he always knows when his son is coming home with the car. His wife doesn’t think this is funny. The truth is, many people joke about and simply put up with their noisy garage doors because they don’t know how or even think they can change it. In fact, fixing a noisy garage door can be easier than you think and with the right guidance, you can be sleeping soundly through the night, undisturbed by the noise of your garage door anyway.

Fixing a noisy garage door starts by performing a visual inspection of your garage door to identify any mechanical or structural issues. Simple issues related to balance and alignment can reverberate through the foundation of your home and cause a lot of noise.

The next thing to do is evaluate the type quality of the door itself. Is it still in good shape or are there loose hinges and boards that are adding to the rumble going up and down. Tightening loose screws that have vibrated loose over time can elevate some of the trouble.

You may also consider adding garage door insulation to your door if it’s not already present. This can help minimize some of the noise caused by vibrations as well as add comfort and energy savings to your home.

After inspecting the door, turn to the rollers and track. Make sure they are clear of debris and other obstacles that can gum up the track. Sand is especially harsh and noisy when it’s covering wheels and bearing.

Finally, focus on the automatic garage door opener. Choosing the right garage door opener for your home can make a huge difference. Older chain driven openers are often much louder than new screw or belt driven varieties. Spending a few hundred dollars to replace these can make a big difference.
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