The Future of Garage Door Technology

You probably don’t lose sleep at night wondering about the future of garage doors. That’s our job! But you can certainly have fun thinking about it.

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Technology now develops faster than ever, and it affects every part of our lives — garage doors included. So how will technological trends impact garage doors in the future?

The Latest Garage Door Technology

New garage door technology tends to focus on the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things consists of everyday objects that work with the Internet. Think coffee makers, thermostats and, of course, garage doors. You can control some modern garage door openers with a smartphone app. These smart garage door openers can make your garage more efficient and more secure.

The MyQ garage door opener gives homeowners a lot of utility. It works with an app that lets you control your door from anywhere. Monitoring features track whenever people get into or out of your garage. You can set a daily schedule that opens and closes the door at certain times of day, too. For a truly smart home, you can connect it with other devices like the Nest thermostat.

What Will Garage Doors Be Like in Ten Years?

The future of garage doors has numerous possibilities in store. With technology evolving at an increasing rate, ten years gives us plenty of time to innovate in ways we could never imagine today. However, we do have ideas coming to life in the present day that we could use for the garage doors of tomorrow.

In Door + Access Systems Newsmagazine, Jean-Francois Morin points out the likelihood of solar garage doors. Some homeowners already place solar panels on their roofs to generate energy. Currently, price, appearance, and mechanics get in the way of making solar garage doors a reality. But in ten years’ time, we could definitely have them. In fact, we bet it will take a lot less time than that.

We also have the beginnings of tech that could let us change our garage doors’ appearances whenever we want. Jean-Francois Moran brought up the idea of garage doors made from interactive glass. Corning currently has architectural glass in development that works like a computer screen. At the touch of a button, you could give your garage door an entirely new look.

Imagine Your Garage Door’s Future

Thanks to our garage door visualizer, you can see how different products look on your home, today. We may not have solar panels or interactive glass options — yet! — but it’s never too early to look ahead.