Operate Your Garage From Anywhere

Mobile apps are geared at making your life easier and more efficient. They’re not just useful for shopping or work either, but in most areas of your life. New smarthome apps allow you to monitor and control various electronics no matter whether you’re in the boardroom or your own bathroom, and it’s no surprise that one of the latest go-to mobile products is a cell phone garage door opener. Think of the convenience — and the added security — you get from being able to check on, open or close your garage door from no matter where you are located!


Getting to Know LiftMaster MyQ®

LiftMaster represents a trusted name in garage doors and gate operators. It makes sense then that the company would be among the first to create mobile apps capable of controlling their products from anywhere in the world. Your garage door is an important gateway to your home, and LiftMaster knows you want and deserve — total control of its operation.

The LiftMaster MyQ® mobile app provides more than just a way to open and close your garage doors. You can monitor the status of your garage door, as well as receive alerts whenever the status changes. You can log on and see how long the door has been opened or closed. You can even send an alarm to whomever may be in your garage that it will be closing.

Whether you’re expecting a delivery or have a child who lost their keys, the garage opener app provides heightened security and convenience to homeowners everywhere. It’s also extremely easy to use and gives you a spare garage door opener in the event yours gets lost or broken.

Compatible Garage Door Models

The LiftMaster MyQ® works with several brands of openers made after 1998, including LiftMaster, Chamberlain, Craftsman and Raynor & AccessMaster. Your Custom Door & Gate specialist will help you determine whether your current model is capable of remote control and monitoring. If not, you’re sure to find a reliable, well-functioning model among the LiftMaster units we carry for your garage, home or yard security.

Ask about the latest features available and which units will best serve your home. From multiple door garage configurations to automated drive or property gates, we only sell models you can depend on to keep you and your belongings safe! You won’t get more secure than pairing an upgraded unit with LiftMaster MyQ® technology. And setting up your new smartphone garage door opener couldn’t be easier.

Plug in to Today’s Home Technology

If you have an internet connection in your home, you’re all set to take advantage of a garage door remote app. It all starts with the MyQ® 828LM Internet Gateway device. Simply connect the sleek black unit to your internet router using the included Ethernet cable. Registration takes just a few minutes.

Once complete, you’ll be able to download the MyQ® app to your Apple, Android or Blackberry mobile device. Alternatively, you can log on to the online portal from any computer. From there, you can add your garage door — and other home electronics — and control them from any location.

driveway gate

While at Custom Overhead Door, we’re most concerned with the garage and gate-controlling features of LiftMasters MyQ® technology, homeowners can use the application to control many things. You can:

  • Turn on your home’s outdoor lighting
  • Set your gate to close on a timer
  • Adjust the lighting inside your home

You can control up to 16 devices at once using your MyQ® app per Internet Gateway. Need more power or privacy? Add a second unit secured with its own password! You can also use the technology in combination with other leading smarthome hubs, including Comcast Xfinity, the Wink Home Monitoring System and Nest, the predictive thermostat capable of controlling smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, security cameras and other common home appliances.

Save Time and Stay Secure With MyQ®Benefits

For more than 25 years, Custom Overhead Doors has been providing home and business owners throughout North Carolina with affordable, simple solutions to life’s common problems. Get control over your home’s security features with the latest technology available from one of the industry’s leading manufacturers. Combining garage, gate and light controls with mobile convenience helps your home stay as secure as possible while still allowing easy access to those who need it the most.

Contact our dedicated customer service team to discuss adding a garage door opener app to your smarthome tools. Call Custom Overhead Doors at 919-457-9489 today.