A Guide for Fixing Your Garage Door

Garage doors are an afterthought. Taken for granted until something goes wrong and you’re stuck in your car while it rains wondering why it won’t go up. Understanding the issue is the first step toward fixing any problem, and in this series “A Guide for Fixing Your Garage Door,” we’re going to highlight some of the most common issues with garage doors.

Before we get started though, I think it’s important to point out that garage doors are not to be taken lightly (figuratively and literally). Garage doors are heavy and the mechanics that make them work sA Guide for Fixing Your Garage Doormoothly are a delicate balance of engineering and design. A typical 16×7 door weighs around 250 lbs. Wood doors can be significantly heavier. Thus, before you even think about repairing your garage door you need to think about safety.

One final thought. In this Guide for Fixing Your Garage Door, we’ll try to cover the basics of garage door repair and diagnosing the typical problems people encounter. Having been in this business since 1989, Custom Door and Gate’s commercial and residential garage door service professionals have seen pretty much everything, including the look on the customers face when we tell them to replace the batteries in their controller. Some of the issues we’ll discuss, like “batteries” are clearly correctable by the average homeowner; while others need to be done by a trained professional. Along the way we’ll help you identify which are which.

So come back in the next few weeks to learn more and read our guide for fixing your garage door.

And if you’re in North Carolina or South Carolina area and need garage door service professional, or even a new garage door, we hope you’ll make Custom Door and Gate your first call.