Improve Your Home’s Look and Value

Residential Garage Doors Can Improve Your Home’s Look and Value

Do you ever walk out the front door and find that you aren’t impressed by how your home looks from the street? Are the entrances to your home uninspiring instead of inviting? Getting the curb appeal you want can often seem like a big chore, but there are some simple options that can add the flair that’s missing.

One of the easiest ways to give your home a quick facelift is by replacing your residential entry door or garage door. Reports have found that residential garage door service and replacement is a top home improvement with a strong return, adding up to roughly 92% of its value to your North Carolina home’s value.

Turning everyone’s first impression of your home into “Wow!” can be as simple as getting the right residential garage door for your architecture.

Match Your Aesthetics to Your Residential Entry Door

When it comes to residential garage doors, you’re no longer stuck with the choice between metal-looking doors for your garage. Innovations in insulation and panel design have turned boring door options into a fashionable selection that can bring out the life in your home.

old garage door
garage door after replacement


If you’re a fan of the Victoria or French Country styles of architecture and furniture, the right swing-out door with wrought iron hardware can add the perfect finishing touch to your home. A garage door can also mirror barn and stable looks for the perfect rustic feel. You can even enjoy the benefits of a modern door, such as significant insulation, easy movement, and a variety of access options.

white garage door
coachman collection garage door


Your stone or earth-tone home can get a nice splash of color with a door designed to mirror wood grain. It’s easy to match your palette, whether you prefer cedar, walnut or chestnut coloration. Grain-styled doors also leave a lot of space open for windows so you can match any residential garage door to the style of your home.

Residential Garage Doors for Your Weather

Your garage also needs to work well in a variety of weather conditions. Because it should keep the snow out and the warmth in, insulation is a necessity. Thankfully, cold climates no longer restrict the style of garage door you can pick.


white double car garage
canyon ridge ultra grain garage door


Insulation-layering technology allows the inside of a residential garage door to perform significantly well while the exterior can be matched to the finish and style of your choice. The right window selection can even give your door a homey feeling without risking a loss of heat. Today’s insulation options will give you a great-looking door, so you can keep the cozy feeling intact all winter long.

Your Residential Garage Door Service and Replacement Team

If you have questions about the right garage door for your home, from safety and style to how the coloring will look against your siding, Custom Door & Gate can help. To make sure you get the best door with stunning curb appeal, we offer a residential garage door visualizer so you can design before you buy. See how beautiful your home can be with a new residential garage door.