How To Properly Clean Your Garage Door

Your garage door needs to be cleaned periodically, as it’s constantly exposed to the elements. A clean garage door can go a long way toward increasing the curb appeal of your home — after all, your garage door makes up a significant part of the visible exterior of your home.

garden hose

If that’s not enough to convince you, keep in mind that many newer garage doors come with a warranty, and some warranties can be voided by failure to keep your garage door clean. A buildup of dirt or oil on the tracks can lead to mechanical breakdowns that may not be covered. You can save yourself money — and a few headaches — by making sure your garage door is in good shape.

But how often should you clean your garage door? What kind of tools should you use? We’ve put together this guide to help you get started on washing your garage door.

When to Clean Your Garage Door

In general, homeowners should clean their garage doors at least twice a year — in spring and again in autumn. But if you live in an area where your home is exposed to more extreme elements — such as a coastal region — you might notice that your garage door needs to be cleaned more often. If you notice a buildup of pollen, oil or any visible dust or dirt on your door, you should take the time to clean it as soon as you get a chance.

What Tools to Have on Hand

The tools you’ll need include:

  • A bucket filled with water
  • A hose
  • A soft rag
  • Gentle soap

Here’s an additional tip: Wear rubber gloves and clothes you don’t mind getting dirty!

The Best Way to Clean Garage Doors

Here’s a step-by-step guide to cleaning your garage door:

  1. Mix a gentle soap or cleaning solution with water.
  2. Wet the surface of the door with a garden hose.
  3. Working in sections, start scrubbing with a soft rag or bristle brush and your cleaning solution mixture.
  4. Use the hose to rinse the section you’ve just washed.
  5. Move to the next section and repeat until you’re finished!

If you find any stubborn oil stains, you can remove them with a mixture of bleach diluted with water. Be sure to wear gloves, and rinse the area thoroughly before using bleach — mixing bleach with household cleaners is dangerous.

How to Clean Garage Door Windows

If your garage door has windows, you can clean them the same way you clean any other window in your home. A gentle cleaner is always best. Make sure to be extra careful around any seals or weather stripping.

What Not to Do When Washing Garage Doors

Here are a few things you should avoid when cleaning your garage door to avoid damaging it:

  1. Don’t use a pressure washer.
  2. Never mix the cleaner with bleach.
  3. Avoid using abrasive sponges or scouring products that can damage the finish of your door.

Time for a Repair? Call Custom Overhead Doors

Cleaning your garage door regularly is one of the things you can do to keep it in working order. Taking the time to clean also gives you a chance to do a quick inspection of any issues. For more significant repairs and services, don’t hesitate to contact Custom Overhead Doors.