How to Warm Up the Inside of a Cold Garage

There’s no better way to enjoy the winter season than by snuggling up indoors — unless it isn’t much warmer inside than out. When it comes to areas affected by cold weather, garages are no exception. As the temperatures outside begin to drop, you may find yourself wondering how to keep your garage nice and cozy and prevent the chilly winter air from blowing inside.

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While most garages are susceptible to coldness and other wintery conditions, that doesn’t mean yours has to be, too. Add some much-needed heat to your garage this winter season with a few strategies that guarantee warmness throughout the year.

Garage Heating Tips

Unfortunately, not all rooms in your home effortlessly retain heat during the frosty winter months –– especially your garage. If you’re wondering how to heat your garage efficiently and completely, implement these garage heating tips:

  • Purchase quality caulk from a local hardware store to seal any openings in your garage
  • Acquire insulation for added winter protection in your garage’s walls
  • Replace any broken windows to prevent exterior air from flowing inside
  • Invest in superior weather-proofed garage doors for added insulation

Invest in Top Quality Garage Doors This Winter Season

There’s no better way to safeguard your garage against the frigid winter season ahead than with the superior barrier protection of a premium quality garage door. At Custom Overhead Doors, we sell and install the Clopay® Classic Collection Premium Series garage doors are the ideal fit for any individual who wants to remain extra toasty inside.

The Classic Collection Premium Series provides homeowners with a high R-Value for added thermal protection. The three-layer construction complements the series’ already superior insulation qualities, guaranteeing optimum temperature control inside.

The Perks of a Climate-Controlled Garage

Having a toasty garage isn’t just necessary when getting into your car. Throughout the winter, you still need a space to keep up with your hobbies. What better place to fulfill your activities than in the garage? Most garages have the necessary space to comfortably complete any required work.

You may even find yourself forgoing cold jogs outside for a warm work-out inside! A comfortable climate is necessary when working up a sweat –– especially in your home gym. When you invest in a high R-Value insulated garage door, you give yourself a space to enjoy endless activities in a cozy environment.

Don’t Get Caught in the Cold Outdoors

Nobody likes leaving the warmth of their house only to feel the sharp pangs of freezing air against their face. When you walk into your garage, you should experience the same level of comfort you feel throughout your entire house.

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Don’t let the inconveniences of wintry weather get you down this season. Heating your garage doesn’t have to be complicated or stressful, and it isn’t when you choose Custom Overhead Doors. Letting us install an insulated garage door will help you and your family stay warm and cozy this winter season, even when you’re hanging out in the garage.