We ordered our new garage doors when the spring on one of the old doors broke.  I knew that the old doors were not in the best of shape and decided to look at replacing them rather than just getting a repair done.

Matt is not a high pressure salesman.  He is knowledgeable about the products available, but was low key in his presentation.  He asked just enough questions about what we wanted to accomplish to understand what we wanted and allow him to offer some good suggestions about the products and then let us pick what we wanted.  He also arranged a temporary repair at a reduced price so that we could use the garage while waiting for delivery of the new doors.  This was scheduled and completed quickly.

I made payment for the doors using my credit card by calling your office.  That was done quickly and efficiently.  The lady handling the transaction gave me a schedule and told me what to expect.   We got a couple of calls from the ladies in your office while we were waiting, just to let us know the status.

Our new garage doors were installed yesterday.  That was right on schedule based on what we were told when we ordered them.  Tom, who installed the doors, called about 45 minutes before he got here to let us know when he would arrive.  We appreciated this.  When he got here I was at a client’s site, but Kay was home.  He did a very good job of cleaning up after the installation and even cleaned the grass that I had tracked in after mowing the yard out of the garage.  The doors look great and work well.

All in all, your folks did great.  If my experience was typical, you have really put together a good team that will earn customer loyalty.