Checking the Balance of Your Garage Door

Even if your door goes up and down without issue, checking the balance of your garage door is still a good idea because it can help you save money by extending the life of your garage door and avoiding expensive repair bills. The best part, doing this is pretty easy, as is identifying if you have an issue.

The first thing you need to do is close the door and then disconnect your automatic garage door opener if you have one. Now lift the door manually. Despite the average garage door weighing 200-250 lbs, it should lift smoothly with little resistance. This is because the springs of the door do most of the work. Additionally, the door should remain in the open position and not slide back down.

Now reverse the process and close the door. You should need to provide sufficient pressure to start the door back down its tracks, but not so much effort that you need to force it. Conversely, the door should not be coming down so quickly that it slams into the floor with a loud thud.

Balance is a principle behind the proper mechanics of your garage door. By checking the balance of your garage door on a regular basis, and not just when the power goes out, you can improve the life and performance of your door.

If you door’s balance is off, you should have your door inspected by an expert. Don’t attempt to adjust the springs or balance yourself unless you have the proper training. For other problems that you might find, check out our blog entry entitled, “A Guide for Fixing Your Garage Door” with helpful tips on what you should and shouldn’t attempt to fix yourself. And if you decide that maybe you do need a garage door service professional, or even a new garage door, we hope you’ll Contact Custom Door & Gate..