Performing a Visual Inspection of Your Garage Door

You’re garage door is more than a wall that goes up and down. It’s a doorway to your home and a vital barrier from cold, heat and other elements that you want to keep out. By performing a visual inspection of your garage door, you can improve not only its performance, but also avoid future problems by identifying them early on.

performing a visual inspection of your garage doorTo do this, stand inside your garage with the door closed. Now look for visual gaps in around the edges or in the seams where light is still coming in. Don’t forget to check at the bottom of the door. Visible light is a clear sign that your door is not properly aligned and that the load is unevenly distributed across the structure.

Next, inspect the garage door springs, cables, rollers, pulleys and mounting hardware. Each of these components has a very specific function and needs to be calibrated correctly. For example, cables and springs should be tight and not hanging loose. Hinges and wheels should be straight and not be rusty or worn.

The next test is easy. Open your door and listen to the sounds it makes. If you hear lots of creaking, rubbing or scrapping, that’s a good sign that it needs help. If you can isolate the noise, you can then check for physical wear and tear on those components.

Remember, performing a visual inspection is just the first step to Extending the Life of Your Garage Door. If you find something, you may want to have your door inspected by an expert. You may also want to review our blog entry entitled, “A Guide for Fixing Your Garage Door” with helpful tips on what you should and shouldn’t attempt to fix yourself. And if you decide that maybe you do need a garage door service professional, or even a new garage door, we hope you’ll Contact Custom Door & Gate..